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Because we believe that not only are no two CBD products the same, but no two CBD users are the same, we make sure to stand by our variety of products to ensure their potency and delivery are both top-notch.


Our mission is to provide Ireland with the strongest, safest, and most potent CBD oils and products available to date. We deliver this through continuous testing and proven extraction methods.

THC Free Options

Due to popular demand, we now offer CBD oil that is 100% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) free! Our consumers were interested in a product that had zero THC, so we listened. 

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Best Selling CBD Oil


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About CBD Éire

Here at CBD Eire we consider the daily factors that life can throw at people. These include lack of sleep, and stress associated with work or everyday life. If you are looking for a product with calming properties and the ability to promote relaxation then look no further. Just like the calming scent of lavender  and chamomile essential oils, CBD oils work to focus and calm the mind. 

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Regulated by The Cannabis
Trade Association

All our brands are regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA), which is the oldest and the largest trade association handling all areas of the hemp and cannabis worlds. The CTA represents the UK and Europe to ensure all food supplement businesses within the cannabis industry maintain proper business standards, provide accurate advice to consumers, and access any information necessary regarding their products.

Frequently Asked
Questions & Answers

Yes in Ireland CBD oil is classified as a food supplement. This means that CBD or any cannabis products are not recognised as having any medicinal benefits in Ireland.

Not sure what dosage you should be taking? As we said, we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with our products, whether you be a novice or expert. There is no shame in double-checking with our CBD Oil Dosage Calculator for a recommendation on where to start.
The “entourage effect” is a phrase used when describing the process in which we formulate our CBD. We ensure the utilization of the whole hemp plant, therefore delivering a Full Spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, which has shown to provide a product that is absorbed in the body quicker and more efficiently.
All of our products go through rigorous testing before being available to the public. Eirlab, an industry leader in Hemp and Cannabinoid testing throughout Ireland and Europe, conducts all testing on our products. All test results are available to consumers boasting full transparency.
It is our ultimate goal to provide the best CBD products available. If there is a mistake in your order for whatever reason, our outstanding customer service team will be eager to assist and mend the situation.

Our Promise

Our products come from the non-psychoactive cannabis plant known as hemp. We promise that all of our products are legal in Ireland and most of Europe.

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