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Our 1500mg is our most popular blend of CBD oil. The product has earned a solid reputation based on our commitment to providing safe, natural hemp ingredients locally sourced and prepared in the EU. Here’s what you need to know about purchasing and using our 1500mg blend.

Ingredients List

All of our products are pure ingredients. Our 1500mg CBD Oil is created using safe practice standards and risk-free contents. This product’s ingredients include:

  • Cold-pressed Hemp Oil Extract
  • Hemp seed oil 

How CBD Oil Supplements Can Help

CBD oil can be a natural remedy for various health concerns, although it can affect every person differently. Keep in mind that CBD oil is not sold to be a substitute for prescription medications that treat health conditions, and you may want to check with a doctor before you begin using it. 

CBD oil is sold as a food supplement in Ireland which means we cannot advertised any medicinal benefits in accordance with regulations set by the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority)

Different CBD Levels and What it Means

As you explore CBD products, you will notice that there are items with a relatively low dose of CBD and others with a larger amount of CBD concentrate. We offer a variety of different doses for our customers to pick from but no matter what oil you choose the absorption process into the body is the same for all. 

Generally, the greater the concentration of cannabinoids in products, the more powerful the effects. CBD Oil 1500mg offers a significant amount of cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum relief.

Greater concentrations of CBD does not mean customers will experience a psychoactive reaction since our products use only the hemp plant and not the THC compound that creates cognitive impairments.

How to use:

Research evidence into cannabinoids and the body’s Endocannabinoid System shows that CBD oils undergo the best absorption under the tongue when drops are placed into the mouth. From here it can enter the bloodstream. 

Step 1: Fill the dropper with CBD oil

Step 2: Place the recommended dosage of droips under the tongue

Step 3: Hold for 2 minutes before swallowing

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5 reviews for CBD Oil 1500mg – 30mil

  1. Carmel Mac

    Great to have a 30mil bottle choice as I use this every day without fail

  2. Eileen

    Very impressed with the quality of this oil.

  3. Anna

    Best cold pressed product I’ve found so far

  4. Aine

    very very quick delivery

  5. Kieran


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