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The largest bottle available to buy from us at CBD Eire is our 3000mg CBD Oil in 100ml. Ideal for long-term CBD users and those who wish to invest for the months ahead. This 3% CBD formula is packed full of Omega’s and cannabinoids, all untouched by our gentle, natural, cold pressed extraction method.

Essential fatty acids, chlorophyll from hemp seeds and the rich variety of full-spectrum cannabinoids make CBD Eire the most natural and nutritious CBD oil supplement on the Irish market.

How to Use

Follow the below steps to take your daily dose of CBD oil:

Step 1: Fill the dropper to the desired dosage amount or until it is almost full.

Step 2: Position the dropper over your mouth and drop the dose under your tongue.

Step 3: Hold the CBD drops under the tongue for 90 seconds or more preferably without swallowing.

Step 4: You can swallow once the 90 seconds (or more) is up and the oil has soaked in.

Step 5: Enjoy your day!


You can start your CBD oil dosage by following the recommended starting amount on each of our CBD oil bottles. Over time many people develop their own personal dosage but it is best to start with 13 drops of our 3000mg CBD oil, taken once per day.

This dose can be increased by 1 drop per week if you see fit so that 14 drops are taken every day, once a day. This may not be necessary for all customers though so it is best to see for yourself over time.

Taking your CBD food supplement on a regular basis is essential. CBD is most effective when taken every day consistently at least for the first 3 weeks when starting out. For most it is best to take in the morning to start the day.

3 reviews for CBD Oil 3000mg – 100mil

  1. Casey

    Really happy with the large size bottle will get a long time out of it

  2. Eric

    Hard to find 100 ml tinctures so very happy to get this. Ordering and delivery very quick and easy.

  3. Hannah

    V good quality

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