CBD Oil 300mg – 10mil

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This 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil contains 3% CBD or Cannabidiol content. CBD Eire’s CBD oils are all made using a cold pressed method of extraction from the hemp plant.

The hemp plant is squeezed in a natural process sort of like juicing the plant. The product from this ‘juicing’ results in an all-natural, untouched hemp extract which has not been heated at any stage of the process.

The cold pressed extraction process maintains the varied spectrum of cannabinoids taken from the plant and allows for the Entourage Effect to take place.

How to use

Step 1: Squeeze the dropper to fill it with CBD oil. Usually we recommend filling it to a third of the way full.

Step 2: Position the dropper over your mouth and drop the dose under your tongue.

Step 3: Hold the CBD oil here under your tongue without swallowing for at least 90 seconds.

Step 4: After 90 seconds, or preferably more, you can then swallow.

Step 5: If you feel you need to take a drink you can now.


Everyone is different when it comes to CBD oil. This is also the case with any other form of vitamin or mineral food supplement you may add to your diet.

The consistency by which you take CBD oil is key. You should try to ensure you take your dose of CBD oil every day on a consistent basis to allow the cannabinoids to build up in your Endocannabinoid System.

With this 3% oil there is 1.5mg of CBD in every drop. You can start by taking 13 drops per dose per day which gives you 20mg of CBD to add to your diet. This can be increased if you feel necessary by 1 drop per week.

2 reviews for CBD Oil 300mg – 10mil

  1. Declan

    so far so good. delivery was very quick can’t fault it.

  2. Sandra O

    Bit early to know but taste is fine & delivery fast.

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