CBD Oil 5000mg – 100mil

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There is always a demand for high strength CBD products on the market. We listened to what our consumers were asking for, and now here we are delivering! This highly anticipated product is THE highest strength CBD oil available in Ireland in oil form.

Ingredients include;

  1. Cold-pressed hemp extract (5000mg of CBD)
  2. Carrier oil: Hemp seed oil



Uses of CBD Oil

This oil contains approximately 5000mg of cannabidiol. Research studies which look at the potential effects of cannabis compounds in the body centre around the role of the Endocannabinoid System. We highly recommend CBD oil for both men and women as it is obtained from the all natural hemp plant and so is safe for human consumption daily. 

How To Take CBD Oil

A CBD oil food supplement is safe for consumption and is as easy as following these four steps:

  • Step 1: Fill dropper to 1/3 capacity
  • Step 2: Drop oil underneath the tongue
  • Step 3: Hold under tongue for 90 seconds
  • Step 4: Swallow oil

We recommend that you take your CBD oil in the morning to see the optimal benefits throughout the day. 

Just as you may take other vitamin and mineral food supplements each day, CBD oil can be consumed regularly as part of a balanced, healthy diet. Many nutrients are present within CBD compounds and the carrier oil which houses them. Some include amino acids (protein), Omega 3’s (fatty acids) and iron too. 

Quality Product

It is important to us that we deliver a top-notch product to our consumers every single time. We pride ourselves on our consistency and can do so by repeated testing anytime a new product is brought onto the line and is available to the public.

Superior Customer Service

It is our ultimate goal to provide Ireland with the best CBD products on the market. We hope this is never the case, but if you find there is a mistake in your order, our customer service team is readily available to assist and provide solutions.

Our Promise

Our products are 100% legal in Ireland and most of Europe. We can guarantee this because we know the source of our products. All of our products come from the non-psychoactive cannabis plant known as hemp. It is our mission to provide Ireland with the strongest, safest, and most potent CBD products on the market. 

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3 reviews for CBD Oil 5000mg – 100mil

  1. Frank Mac

    Excellent stuff

  2. Rachael Elliot

    Great bottle size keeps me going for ages.

  3. Darren

    Good quality oil

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