CBD Oil 900mg – 30mil

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CBD Eire’s 900mg CBD oil is offered to customers in this large 30ml bottle size for longevity of use and better value. In this bottle there is 3% CBD oil content which has been extracted from the hemp plant using cold pressed methods.

The cold pressed method of hemp extraction is by far the most natural way of extracting cannabinoids like CBD from the plant. The plant is essentially squeezed and ‘juiced’ to remove the hemp extract and then is added to our hemp seed carrier oil.

How to Use

Step 1: Use the dropper to squeeze the oil up into the dropper and fill it up.

Step 2: Next, place the dropper over your mouth and drop the required dose under your tongue.

Step 3: Hold the CBD drops under your tongue for at least 90 seconds without swallowing the oil.

Step 4: After 90 seconds, or more, you can swallow.

Step 5: You can now take a drink, only if you feel you need to of course.


As there is 3% CBD concentration in this 30ml bottle, we recommend to start with 13 drops per day preferably in the morning. This dose can be increased on a weekly basis if you wish by 1 drop extra per dose.

The important thing to remember about CBD food supplements it that consistency is the key here. Ensure you take your CBD oil dose each day to allow the Cannabidiol to build up in your body over time.

Please note that everyone is different when it comes to CBD oil supplements. Time is needed for some more than others to allow the oil to take effect within the body’s Endocannabinoid System.

4 reviews for CBD Oil 900mg – 30mil

  1. Fiona

    The team were great to deal with, will order again. Excellent product.

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  3. Jay

    2nd bottle now for my wife, really happy with it.

  4. Donal


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