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CBD Eire brings you the latest in hemp food supplement options in the form of CBG Oil. CBG
or Cannabigerol is another of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It is found in
much smaller amounts when compared to CBD cannabinoids (Cannabidiol) so it can be
more of a challenge to extract it from hemp. But we have done that work for you.

Experience the power of Cannabigerol in your everyday life but supplementing a balanced
diet with this natural, organic food supplement. Simply drop your required dose under your
tongue once per day to avail of the benefits of hemp.

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What is Cold – Pressed CBG Oil?

To create our high-quality CBG oil product a cold-pressed method of extraction is used to
obtain hemp extract from the plant. This is known as the healthiest and most natural form
of extraction as no chemicals are used in the process or heat applied to the plant.
The plant is essentially juiced by squeezing the oil content inside out of the plant. The oil
this process produces is filtered and prepared for the creation of our CBG oil food

What is the Difference between CBD and CBG?

To explain further CBG and CBD are both cannabinoids which are found in the hemp plant.
CBD occurs in much larger amounts and so is easier to extract from hemp. It is widely known
and potentially effective for many different reasons as a food supplement.
CBG occurs in much smaller amounts in the hemp plant and is relatively new in terms of
being researched and used as a food supplement. It is primarily known to help with focus
and mental clarity.


500mg, 1500mg, 5000mg

5 reviews for CBG Oil

  1. Emilee

    Read a lot about this and happy to report back only good things.

  2. Oscar

    Cold-pressed CBG oil is hard to find, thanks for the option. Great service aswell.

  3. Seamus

    best delivery times

  4. Kate

    New to this but really impressed so far

  5. Greg

    Not 100% yet on product but v quick delivery and efficient team behind the site

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