Moroccan Mint

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Made with vapers at mind and hemp at heart, the Moroccan Mint delivers an unmatched natural mint flavour. Add notes of delightful spices, and you have an E-liquid curated for the moment. As a “Yerba Buena,” it comes with an echt hemp aroma.

It’s refreshingly cool and will leave you yearning for the next vape. Being a Harmony product, it undergoes a unique CO2 extraction to guarantee the purest CBD vape juice. You won’t find any added additives.

It can be used on any e-cigarette, making it ideal for many hemp enthusiasts. It doesn’t have hallucinogenic or psychotropic effects.


Description For The Products

10 ml child-proof bottle

PG/VG 80/20

  • Nicotine free
  • Without THC
  • No alcohol
  • No animal extracts
  • Diacetyl free
  • No synthesized colors


  • PG (Propylene glycol)
  • VG (vegetable glycerine)
  • Terpenes
  • CBD

Product FAQs

No. The Moroccan Mint does not contain THC.

It comes with a PG/VG of 80:20. This ratio provides the best vaping experience.

Yes. Moroccan Mint is made from food-grade ingredients.

The amount of Moroccan Mint you use depends on your weight, height, age, and previous usage. It’s advisable to start on a low dosage (1 serving), then increase if it has no effect.

Any smoker can use Moroccan Mint. Don’t use this product if you’re pregnant or a minor.

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1 review for Moroccan Mint

  1. Andrew Francis

    Great flavour, nice effect too.

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