New York Diesel


The New York Diesel is a blend of the best quality Sativa hybrid. The strain contains a crossbreed between a Mexican and an Afghani Sativa

.This rich blend provides a combination of a sweet smell and taste. The New York Diesel has a grapefruit flavour plus a small portion of diesel.



Every user is sure to have the most exhilarating feelings because it may trigger the following;

  • Euphoria
  • Renewed energy
  • Creativity
  • A more focused state of mind.

This product also has other tremendous effects. They include:

  • Numbness: It can reduce body aches and muscle pains.
  • Mental effect: This Sativa strain may reduce anxiety, stress, and mental strains.

After use, the activation is immediate and powerful. This is a result of top-quality Sativa strains and production expertise. Apart from the calming and soothing feeling that occurs after use, chewing the substance may positively impact patients’ appetite.

The New York Diesel is a transformation and implementation of nature’s unique gifts to a recreational product.


Speak to medical personnel before taking the New York Diesel. You must also ensure that you use the product in the recommended dose.



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