Dr. Hemp Me

We understand that with ever-growing information and technologies available that finding the right CBD product for you can be challenging. Whether you are new to the CBD world or a CBD connoisseur, we want to make sure we exceed your expectations as a provider. With our top of the line products, our superior customer service, and our endless resources available, we are confident we can find the right product for you!
CBD Éire

Our Story

Former corporate banker Brian Cusack started Dr. Hemp Me in September 2018. Brian watched the wave of CBD popularity grow and understood its positive impacts on his own life. So, he decided to take the leap and start in a new industry where he set out to deliver safe, potent, and effective products for consumers.

What sets us apart

We provide Dr. Hemp Me CBD for the simple fact that we stand by their products! They work closely with the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA), ranked them as one of only two companies in Ireland with tested, trusted, and proven CBD products.

Our Vision

As the CBD industry continues to grow and products become more widely accessible, we hope to see advocates from around the world share their experiences of CBD, speaking openly about its benefits as an alternative health solution.