CBD Eire

We understand that with ever-growing information available that finding the right CBD product for you can be challenging.

Whether you are new to the CBD world or a CBD connoisseur, we want to make sure we exceed your expectations as a provider. With our top of the line products, our superior customer service, and our endless resources available, we are confident we can find the right product for you. 

A special cold pressed process in conjunction with the filtration produces an oil with a slightly green colour. This oil is rich in Omega B3 and B6 acids, CBD and other cannabinoids.

It contains fat-soluble vitamins and phytosterols, phospholipids, chlorophyll and minerals.

Our CBD extract also contains naturally occurring chlorophyll found in the seeds, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids, including a very valuable fraction of Linolenic acid.

CBD Éire

Our Story

CBD Eire was founded by Dean McGrath, a cannabis enthusiast who wanted to bring the highest quality cold pressed CBD oils to the Irish wellness market. Based in Dublin, Dean recognises and advocates for CBD oil as a daily food supplement. He believes in the natural, cold pressed process of CBD extraction from the hemp plant and aims to share the benefits of this form of food supplement through the CBD Eire brand. 

What sets us apart

We provide cold pressed CBD products for the simple reason that they are the most natural form of hemp products around.

No heat or chemicals are included in the process of taking hemp extract from the hemp plant in comparison to other CBD brands.

To find out more about our range of CBD products please feel free to contact us directly. 

Our Vision

As the CBD industry continues to grow and products become more widely accessible, we hope to see advocates from around the world share their experiences of CBD, speaking openly about its benefits as an alternative health solution.