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What is CBD Oil?

So you've been hearing about the benefits of cannabis and CBD oil for a while now. You finally want to see what it is all about. There is so much information out there; however, it has left your head spinning and unsure where to start.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil Ireland is here to help. We have been a staple in Ireland's CBD industry for several years. We are only one of two regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association and recognized as a local market leader.
We know it can get confusing to enter the cannabis world, but it sure is worth trying with all of its benefits.
Dr. Hemp Me is here to make your experience a bit easier. Here you will find a place that will keep you as informed as possible as you venture into this new world. We will explain what CBD oil is, why it is so beneficial, what types are found on the market, and more.

Is CBD Oil Marijuana?

The first question that many have is – is it marijuana? In short, yes. Marijuana is a name that is used for the Cannabis plant. Cannabis is a plant that has psychoactive properties.
CBD and THC are the two main components of cannabis. While they both have shown to
provide medicinal benefits, CBD does so without the psychoactive side effects.

Is It Legal in Ireland?

Today, several countries have legalized the use of cannabis and CBD oil in various forms. A few years ago, like many other countries worldwide, Ireland began discussing legalizing cannabis CBD.
In 2017, the government concluded that CBD was legal for medicinal purposes. As it stands
today, CBD is legal in Ireland as long as the amount of THC contained in the CBD Oil is less than 0.2%

Dr. Hemp Me is one of the few recognized suppliers of CBD products in Ireland.

Where Do Our Products Come From?

All Dr. Hemp Me products come from homegrown hemp plants derived from natural outdoor farms in Ireland and the UK. Our products are organic and have not been sprayed with any harmful chemicals or pesticides. When you buy Dr. Hemp Me products, you can rest assured that it is of quality.

Who Does CBD Oil Benefit?

CBD is one of the main elements of cannabis. It provides all the benefits of the plant without the sensation of being "high." Because CBD can be medically beneficial without these side effects, CBD has become a trendy alternative to prescribed medication.
CBD's health benefits are becoming more well-known as more people use it. Today millions of people take CBD to:
Alleviate pain
Reduce anxiety and depression
Alleviate skin ailments
Help with neurological issues
Alleviate cancer symptoms
If you are suffering any of these ailments and would like to see if CBD oil can help, we have an assortment of products you can try.
Not only does CBD provide significant benefits to us as humans, but CBD oil also provides
excellent benefits for animals. Because your pets have an endocannabinoid system as well,
CBD oil is also safe for them. Check out what some pet owners have to say about using our
CBD oil on their animals.

Different Forms of CBD

CBD Oil can be found and consumed in different ways. The most common way to use CBD is in the form of oils.
CBD can also be consumed via pills, edibles, such as gummies, creams, paste, and even
coffee. You can decide which is best for you and start benefiting from all that CBD has to offer. We give our customers an array of choices as a way to make the experience easy and
Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum
The terms full spectrum and broad spectrum related to CBD oil refer to the CBD component's extraction method from cannabis.
Full Spectrum is seen by some as being the purest of extractions. It is considered pure and
unfinished because it includes a small percentage of other cannabis components along with
Broad-spectrum extract begins similarly to that of the full spectrum. Upon the initial extraction, however, it is further refined by removing all traces of THC.
In simple terms, a broad spectrum extraction is one in which the CBD is extracted with all traces of THC removed. On the other hand, full-spectrum is where CBD is extracted with less than .3% THC trace still found in the final product.
We offer both full and broad-spectrum CBD Oils.
What Strengths Do We Have Available?
At Dr. Hemp Me, we pride ourselves on providing the best supply of CBD Oil to our customers. Not only do we have concentrates of 10% and 20% CBD, but we also are the only CBD oil supplier in Ireland that offers its customers the highest level of CBD concentrate allowed.
What is the Strongest CBD Oil Available in Ireland?
Dr. Hemp Me's 40% CBD oil is the highest concentration of CBD that we carry. We offer the high concentrate in both oil form as well as paste.
Regardless of if you are just starting out on your CBD oil journey or if you are an expert, Dr. Hemp Me has a product for you. From our starter oils to our "superdose," we can provide you with what you need.

What Payment Does Dr. Hemp Me Accept?

You can safely make your CBD oil purchases with us from the comfort of your own home. We accept all major credit cards and provide free delivery on all UK and Ireland orders over 50 Euros.
If you need more information about any of the products we carry or would like to keep abreast of the latest news from CBD industry leaders, sign up for our monthly newsletter. Upon signing up, you will receive a 10% discount towards your next purchase
It is essential when purchasing CBD oil, to always go with a reputable retailer. A retailer should be knowledgeable in all things cannabis when selling CBD products. Rest assured, you have come to the right place. Dr. Hemp Me is your one-stop-shop for everything CBD oil.
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