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CBD Oil in Cork, Everything You Need to Know

One of the most popular places to visit in Ireland, both for tourists and domestic travellers, Cork can now also boast a flourishing CBD market.

So, if you are intending to visit any time soon, and have a new or established interest in CBD, please read on to find out all you need to know about CBD in Cork, Ireland and the substance as a whole.

CBD in General

Cannabidiol(CBD) is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant, which is related to marijuana. It’s a substance which has only recently been introduced into the mainstream market, so naturally, there is still some scepticism and doubt surrounding its use. Also, it sometimes incurs the same stigma attached to marijuana use.

However, CBD alone cannot cause the ‘high’ sensation commonly attributed to marijuana, as this is sparked by marijuana’s high presence of tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). CBD products, if sold by reliable sources, will only ever contain negligible amounts of THC.

On top of this, Irish law has strict rules which specify that CBD oil extraction can only be performed with hemp plants, a more robust and healthier option, as it is also a source of fibre along with many other properties.

Status of Cannabidiol in Cork

CBD newcomers or enthusiasts in Cork can now take advantage of introducing CBD oil supplements into their daily diet and health regimens. There has been an awareness of its potential health benefits for well over two decades, although only recently has this knowledge been raised to the surface.

Despite this, Ireland has rigid laws in relation to the amount of THC that can be contained in any CBD product, thereby ruling out the possibility of anyone having a  psychoactive response. Currently, all CBD products both in Cork and Ireland as a whole must contain 0.2% THC or less.

cold pressing an extraction method

In line with Cork’s THC regulation(link?), any hemp farmers in the region must acquire a license from the Department of Health, in addition to their products being approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority(HPRA). Also, despite promising research being done so far, farmers cannot place any health or medical claims on their labels.

This insistence on CBD being hemp-derived has now made it much easier for people to get their hands on it. Nevertheless, stern rules remain in place for both farmers and manufacturers alike.


*CBD oil is a food supplement, and you shouldn’t use it to replace real food and other dietary needs. Like any supplement, CBD oil serves as an avenue to provide adults with additional nutrients just like vitamins & multivitamins but shouldn’t replace a healthy diet.

Food Supplement Classification

As things stand, CBD oil in Ireland is considered a food supplement. As such, its sale cannot be accompanied by any medical claims. This leaves sellers – irrespective of how well-versed they are on their products – unable to offer any such advice to their customers.

Such information should only be sought out from qualified medical professionals. As always, CBD should be complementary to a healthy diet and never act as a medicinal substitute.


CBD Eire’s full-spectrum CBD oil is the ideal choice for people wanting to take the most advantage of the benefits that it has to offer. As well as CBD itself, other cannabinoid compounds found in their choices include CBC, CBN, CBG, CBDv and CBDa.

cannabis sativa plant stem and leaves

The popularity of CBD Eire’s full-spectrum oils is due in large part to the ‘Entourage Effect’. Because full-spectrum oils are made using all parts of the hemp plant, consuming the separate elements together can result in a more potent and effective result.

This is the ‘Entourage Effect’. Research carried out so far indicates that this method of use can be the most advantageous.

CBD for Pets

CBD can be just as beneficial for animals as it can be for people. CBD Eire has a 3% and 5% option available. It’s recommended that you add the oil to their diet for up to six weeks for them to receive the most benefits.


We insist on adhering to a strict policy of testing before any product is sold. Safe CBD consumption is at the top of its list of concerns. As such, JHG Analysis tests all of their CBD supplements both before and after extraction to ensure the highest standards of purity and potency.

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